“Let there be songs to fill the air!”

In the past months since playing our last public show at Boston’s on the Beach on March 15, Crazy Fingers has been committed to keeping ourselves and our fans safe, while still keeping the music going with our Sunday night in-house webcasts. As we move into the month of June and the beginning of Summer, some venues are re-opening with precautions, in the hopes that restaurants and music venues can operate safely without a second wave of Coronavirus. We are preparing to take a chance on playing outdoor-only venues where social distancing is still applied. For all of our fans who are ready to venture out to these spaces, we look forward to seeing you! Masks and social distancing will be required. For those who prefer to give this more time, we will be continuing our webcasts. At any time, we reserve the right to change course if we see that safety is being challenged, and, if there is a second wave of Coronavirus, we will return to webcast-only performances until the coast is clear. For now, these June shows are a trial run. In future months we are hoping to be playing indoor shows again as well. We look forward to seeing everyone who feels comfortable venturing out, and again we will need everyone to respect safety requirements at these venues in order for this trial run to work. Watch this space for the listing of our outdoor June and July dates and webcasts, and let there be songs to fill the air!

You can check our calendar or our Facebook page for more information about our upcoming dates. Thank you for all your support!  

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